Wednesday, 2 July 2008

New MacBook Pro now with Ubuntu

I got a new MacBook Pro for work and I decided that I was going to run Ubuntu on it. So after reading multiple threads, webpages and blogs on the subject went ahead with the install.

Let me tell you that IT'S AWESOME!

I've always liked Ubuntu and had it running on my old MacBook Pro on Parallels. Well, running it directly on HW is so much better.

If you want to know how I did it, just Google it, or click on the links at the bottom.

I got everything to work: sound, iSight, wifi (although I have a strange problem at home where DHCP doesn't take so I had to create a profile and give myself a static ip,) even my 3G Vodafone USB modem.

So far, everything that I use for work I can find a replacement for an apt-get away.

The only tool so far that I can't get a straight replacement for is OmniGraffle. We'll, I'm working on something...

Ubuntu on MacBook Pro 1
Ubuntu on MacBook Pro (most recent hardware)
Ubuntu and Vodafone 3G
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