Thursday, 4 September 2008

C&C: RA1 and Ubuntu

So who said you can't play games on Linux? I've just downloaded the ISOs for Red Alert 1 from the EA website. Yes, it's a free download as the franchise has turned 13 years old (or maybe it's just that game.)

I installed it on my MacBook Pro - in Ubuntu - using wine.

There were a few issues but these were issues that were mentioned in the WineHQ website and were seemingly easy to overcome.

One issue I still have though is that the menu entry didn't get created, but I'll just add it manually. Also, you have to set the emulation mode to Win95 or Win98 for it to work well, but I'm not complaining.

Red Alert is a classic - I still have the CDs somewhere in storage!

RA 3 looks really kewl - wish they'd made a Linux version...

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