Saturday, 31 October 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 on MacBook Pro

So Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is out and in the usual way, I went ahead and did the upgrade from 9.04. Did I have any issues? Not really, the servers were a little slower than I'm use to which I'd expect.

After the upgrade I discovered that my O2 USB data card (a Novatel Ovation) wouldn't work. However, I manged to get it working after a reboot. (Not sure why.)

Wifi works, keyboard + multitouch pad worked, bluetooth keyboard + mouse worked, sound worked. What seems to not work? Well, when I put the machine to sleep and it comes up, I ALWAYS get a crash report which says that there was a kernel crash of sorts and that the system would be unstable.

Does this annoy me? Yes. Does it stop me from still using the system (i.e. is it really unstable?) No.

I haven't finished trying out all the usual apps that I use, but so far, I'm happy with the result.

Now, I can't wait to upgrade my Myth Server at home! I have seen there are a LOT of really cool things in that arena!


Organising when you don't have time...

Do you seem to not have enough time in the day to do everything you need? I know I do and it's a pain to try to juggle everything, prioritize, and then do the things you CAN do and leaving those things you can't for another day.

That's one reason I wish I could have a clone... or a mini-me! :-)

But, it seems that there's another way.

You can use a service like My Home Personal Assistant to help you do the tasks you don't have time to do. It may sound lazy, but I've started with the ironing. I also know my car needs to get serviced soon and that means I don't have to take a day to do that too. What else is there?


P.S. Cloning myself would be a bad idea, I'd probably argue over which one of me would get to do what! We'd fight over going on vacation, and we all would have to eat too, imagine the food bill.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Amazing headphones; amazing service

As a requirement for work we wanted to get some headphones.

After looking around we found some: Sennheiser PC166.

They seemed decent, had good review and so the search for a reseller began. I look at the usual places, Amazon, Froogle, etc. and ended going to

The order was placed for 1 to test and to my amazement, we had them the next day!

We then "tested" them and found the headphones to be really good. Excellent!

We're now going to purchase 8 more. ;-)

It's nice when things go smoothly.