Friday, 11 December 2009

Simply rails...

No, I'm not going to talk about Ruby-on-Rails or Perl-on-rails or python-on-rails or train rails. I'm talking about server, switch, router mounting rails.

One of the things that I have to do for work is mount equipment. I've had to mount equipment from several manufacturers and of different types. Some are just mounting brackets where it doesn't reach the full length of the rack, some are longer and go from to back and some "meet in the middle."

I'm not going to name manufacturers, but I can tell you the these are the things that ALL manufacturers have at one time done wrong and sometimes get right after several tries. One of them makes such wonderful rails that they can be mounted with one hand. This particular company has gone through different iteration of "rapid mount" rails. (Which usually cost extra, but they're worth the cost.)

See, the thing that most manufacturers don't take into account (or maybe they do, but they don't care) is that at times, there's only ONE person mounting the equipment. And depending on the weight of the equipment and WHERE the equipment is going (bottom of rack or top!) this can be really painful to do if the rails don't slide property or are hard to mount.

Anyway, I've emailed one of the manufacturers that we use and who's rails aren't easy to use and asked if this can be "revised."

I'm trying to do something positive for that company and at the same time avoid back pain.

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