Thursday, 18 February 2010

OS X Server - Connection Failed?

So I've been working with some colleagues on a problem whereby users trying to connect to a OS X server from their OS X client were getting a connection denied.

If the user were to go to the Finder and via the hostname in Finder try to connect to the server (which uses Bonjour) they would get a Connection Failed even if they entered their username and password correctly. However, they could connect whenever they pressed Ctrl-K (i.e. Connect To Server) and used "afp://servername/" or "ftp://servername/" with the same username/password.

Trying different things like updating the replication of OpenDirectory, changing the users passwords.

In the end, we discovered that there was a directory that users had as their home directory (a default one /99) and the permission on that directory were set to 700 and only for one user. Changing it to 777 (we didn't try 770) solved the issue.
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