Thursday, 20 September 2007

Kids and illness

I hate being sick. I especially hate it when my son or daughter get sick. It's worse when my 5 year-old son gets sick because of his age. He started with a cough. We went to the doctor and they gave him antibiotics, which I think was the right thing to do in this case. I thought he'd get better, but today I found out that he's been throwing up. I don't think it's the antibiotics because he's had the same one before.

Well, hearing he's throwing up is one thing... seeing him throwing up when he has practically nothing in his stomach and he's in pain is another. I feel helpless.

Now my daughter is also starting to get sick. She has flu like symptoms and it's the right season for it, so I'm not surprised. As long as hers doesn't get worse I think she'll be fine. She'll probably get to miss a day or two of school, which is fine too since she's a bright kid. At least her I can give something for the symptoms.


Did I mention I hate it when my kids are sick?

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