Monday, 12 November 2007

Miro and Podcasting

MythTV is great. I've finally started to get things working and we're going to move so my plan is to finish shortly after the move.

However, not everything can be found on TV. Yes, you can download your favorite shows from through Bittorrent but I was thinking more along the lines of Podcasts.

There's quite a few of them and I've been using Miro (use to be called Democracy) to subscribe to a few of them. The ones that I JUST found and think is great is called "Meet The GIMP" ( and deals with the Open Source application GIMP. Finally someone has started to show how to use GIMP. I've wanted to learn how to use it but since I'm not really a great graphics artist I haven't spend a lot of time playing with the application's features to see how they work. However, this RSS feed got me interested!

Now if they only had one for InkScape, I think I'd be all set!

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