Wednesday, 5 December 2007

New House

We're in the process of buying, updating and moving into a new house. It's in the same street where I live now, about two blocks up. We're excited and are trying to get the bathroom looking nicer than it is now. It's really tough as most people know. While the work is going on, we're painting and decorating; making the house into a home.

Once we're finally moved in... I plan on going high tech! Yes, I am going to go green too. I'll change the lightbulbs a few at a time. I plan on automating the lights, however this seems to be a bigger issue than I thought since I can't seem to find ways of automating things cheaply. I'll have to research this a bit more.

I'd like to eventually add solar panels or a wind turbine at the back. They're not cheap, but I think you get an incentive from the gov or a discount or something. I'm going to take a look at this further. (Looks like £5000 for solar water heating panels and £2000 for a wind turbine from B&Q...)

I'll have to look at other things I can do.

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