Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Karaoke - you know you want to!

I recently bought a Karaoke microphone for my wife. It's the MVK II that I found at Best Buy for about $80. It had some file already in it and the good thing about it was that you could add your own MP3s to it and just add the lyrics.

Now this isn't the microphone my wife wanted. The one she wants has a game mode where players get scored on how well they sing. My sister-in-law has one and that's how she knew about it. However I couldn't find the mic on short notice so I got her the other one.

So finally I decided to add some mp3s to it, but one of the strange things I discovered when I added my own mp3 songs was that you could still hear the original singer instead of getting a karaoke version of the song - no matter what settings you selected on the microphone. Well, I found out why this is. The version that come with the microphone had the original song playing on the right track, while the karaoke version is playing on the left side. Therefore when you make the selection on the mic, you get a non vocal version.

Now this means I'm going to have to make Karaoke specific versions of files... And it also means I have to find version without vocals (maybe midi files?) that I can use. If anyone has a suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated. Still - I'm glad I solved that simple problem.

Time to sing!

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