Friday, 29 January 2010

IRC, oh how I miss thee.

Eons ago, I used to be an OP in the IRC Channel #cuseemesexy. It was a channel dedicated to the video conference software by White Pine - I think it still exists, but I'm haven't tried it in ages.

Well, I've started going to the #ubuntu-uk channel on FreeNode. I guess I get a good feeling when I get to help people and what better way than to do that. Especially if it's a topic I enjoy and believe I can help out.

If you'd like to chat, get on your irc client and use :)


Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year, New Gadgets, New Tech

Happy New Year!

Yes I am 8 days late, but it's better late than never. Plus you take a holiday and boom, you forget about things.

CES is on in Las Vegas. This is one trade show I would love to go to. I love reading about all the new things are coming this year, however there's one thing that I am not really interested in. 3D TV.

Sony is going to start selling TVs that support this and the great thing is that they're making their PS3 compatible (I assume it's only a firmware upgrade.) All these other manufacturers are coming up with other things like Skype on the TV. This might not be too bad but it involves buying a hi-def camera for that TV too.

Tablets. What can I say. Apple is said to release their tablet pretty soon and I'm sure that they want their stocks to go up, so releasing during CES wouldn't be in their best interest. Nor is it their usual MO. Still, the tablets at CES aren't generating as much excitement as expected. What will consumers actually think when they're at the shop? Dell's tablet looks really nice though. Lets see what Apple comes up with.

Exciting things? So far I like the Light Touch interactive projector and Plastic Logic's lightweight e-reader. Since CES isn't done yet I'm hoping there's more to get excited about.