Wednesday, 14 July 2010

iPhone 4? Where's my iPhone 4!

Well, as everyone in the world knows, I've been wanting to get an iPhone 4 but waited until after the launch to get it as I didn't have all the pricing available on the day of the launch. I found that I can get the iPhone 4 £70 to £80 cheaper through one carrier than the others that were selling the iPhone on launch day. That's one reason I haven't bought it...

The other reason is that I've been reading all the issues with the antennas. I say issues, because it's not only the 3G coverage that's affected, but also bluetooth. When I saw the iPhone 4 I thought it was a great looking phone and when I discovered that the antenna was the outside of the phone I wondered how much of a problem that was going to be. I've see what happens with other devices when a "body" is in the way. It's cool to get better reception (like you do with TVs and getting an arial antenna) but just as you can get good reception, I was pretty sure you could get bad reception. Still, I thought maybe Apple had figured something out that EE's hadn't.

Anyway, I'm going to wait this out a little longer. I'm curious to see what Apple will do next and what people will say when Apple releases their different patches to "fix" HW issues. Maybe I'll wait for the iPhone 4.1.

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