Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Predictions for 2014

The New Year is here and lots of people are posting their New Year resolutions. This year I thought I'd try something different. Here are my New Year Predictions.
1. In the area of social media, we will find that all those companies that are gathering our tweets, Facebook posts, G+ shares, etc will finally start providing services that make use of this data. Thanks to Big Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics these companies will provide better discounts, more relevant and interesting advertising AND they will do it in such a way we won't even realize the complexities behind it all.
2. Space exploration will have some privately funded companies looking for new ideas by using crowdsourcing techniques and mass marketing.
3. Looking at DNA for techniques to prolong life has been going on for a while, but I think the next big breakthrough will happen this year. Now beating diseases like cancer is going to become even more important. Please donate to those doing research in these diseases.
4. Advances in cheap disposable computing device like the Pi and Arduino will make more DIY projects more appealing. Watch the big companies start to sweat at having these cheap device take over in the home. Thanks to this, educators will start to focus on technology again, making it more appealing to kids.
5. Google makes Glass more affordable than people currently expect it will be and finally opens it to everyone. In the $150-200 range. (OK that's just wishful thinking.)
Well, that is all I am going to put down for now. Now let 2014 begin!
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